Custom Protective Acrylic Control Panel and Switch Covers - Datacover
Prevent Accidental Shutdown

Custom Protective Acrylic Control Panel and Switch Covers - Datacover
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Protective Covers for IBM MidRange Computers -

AS/400 Stock Datacovers

click to buyDC2440 Tape Drive $16.00
click to buyDC9309 Rack Power Switch 18.00
click to buyDC9332 Disk Drive 14.00
click to buyDC9335A Disk Drive Controller 17.00
click to buyDC9335B Disk Drive 20.00
click to buyDC9336 Disk Drive 14.00
click to buyDC9337 Disk Drive 15.00
click to buyDC9347 Tape Drive 16.00
click to buyDC9348 Tape Drive 18.00
click to buyDC9406F Controls Model F 18.00

9406 CPU Key Panel Cover

How to Order

To order your AS/400 Datacovers, specify the IBM component model number to be covered. The Datacovers go by the same part number.
9309 Rack Power Switch

Datacovers for RS 6000 Deskside Series
Models 320, 330, 570, 580, 58H, 590, 59H

DC7013 Full Front Cover

These Datacovers are for the deskside series RS6000. They cover the front of the machine or individual switches. Shown on the left is a DC7013 Full Front Cover.

click to buyDC6550 Partial Front (5") $15.00
click to buyDC7013A Full Front (12") 20.00
click to buyDC7013K Key & Reset Switch 15.00
click to buyDC7013P Power Switch 15.00

Datacovers for RS 6000 Rack Series
Models 980B, 990, R10, R20, R24, R30

We have Datacovers for your rack based systems. Shown on the right is the DC7015 Key & Reset Switch Cover. Velcro® attaches the cover securely at the top and bottom. Use the DC9309 for the Rack Power Switch.

click to buyDC7015 Key & Reset Switch $15.00
click to buyDC9309 Rack Power Switch 18.00

DC7015 Key & Reset Cover

IBM 9404 and 9402 Covers

Accidents do happen. An entire system can go down in an instant. So why risk someone bumping into a power switch or IML button? Datacover makes a cover to protect the important switches and controls on your 9404 and 9402 AS/400's.

Our new DC9404-2 cover is made from acrylic plastic. It has four sides to keeps curious fingers from sneaking in for the fatal push. There is Velcro® on the top and bottom so it can be easily removed and replaced during normal operations. The cover is designed so the key can be left in place.

The DC9404-1 is for systems having an 8" diskette drive. The DC-SS is for the EPO switch on the expansion chassis and the DC9404 covers just the control panel and not the EPO switch.

click to buyDCSS EPO Switch Only $16.00
click to buyDC9404 CPU Cover 21.00
click to buyDC94041 CPU & EPO Switch 25.00
click to buyDC94042 9404 Enclosed 25.00
click to buyDC94022 9402 Enclosed 25.00

AS/400 Advanced Series Cover

Remove the door and attach our DC300AS Datacover. You can see the system attention light and it protects the key.

click to buyDC300AS AS/400 Advanced Series $18.00

AS/400 Advanced Series

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