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Custom Protective Acrylic Control Panel and Switch Covers - Datacover
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Custom Acrylic Covers, Design Your Own - Datacovers
Custom Covers Made For Your Application

There are several styles of Datacovers as shown below. Just specify your A, B, and C dimensions to define the design. If you need help, our Design Assistance is Free, call 800-445-8296..

Please be sure to give us the finished inside dimensions of the cover or the size of the panel opening you are covering. Custom covers, made to your dimensions, cannot be returned if they do not fit. All covers are produced with 1/8" acrylic material unless otherwise stated on the Datacover invoice provided by MIS Associates Inc. (D.B.A. DATACOVER.COM). Other materials are available by request and pricing will be confirmed via external quote from a Datacover sales representative. Custom material pricing is not available on and all pricing quoted on include covers produced from the aforementioned material. If your quote/invoice does not state custom material (i.e. Lexan, red material, 1/4" material) the covers will also be produced from 1/8" clear acrylic material MSDS can be provided upon request.


If you know the approximate dimensions of the cover you need, fill in the A, B, C numbers below and click Find to see all existing cover designs that are close to what you want. Otherwise, continue, on this page and design your own.

Find an Existing Cover Design that Meets Your Specifications
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Raised Datacovers

Raised Covers

If you know your ABC's you can design your own acrylic Raised Cover. Just specify the inside cover dimensions A, B, and C as shown in the diagram. Attachment is made by using Velcro strips. Please make sure there is room on your machine for the Velcro 3/8" wide strips. The loop portion of the Velcro is wrapped on the edge of the cover and the mating hook portion attaches to your machine or facility. The cover is easily removed for access to the controls. Hinged attachment is also available in this style, see Raised-Hinged.



Flat Covers

Flat covers with Velcro are easy. Just give us the length and width of the acrylic cover and tell us where to put the Velcro. Please don't forget to add 3/8" on each side of the cover for the Velcro. Make sure that all the switches are recessed so the cover will not depress them and specify your cover slightly larger than the panel opening.

Flat Datacovers

Flanged Datacovers


Sometimes it's nice to have flanges or tabs on a cover for wall attachment. Follow the Raised Cover rules above and allow 3/4" on each side for the flanges. We normally put Velcro on them. We can also drill holes in the flanges for screw mounting. Be sure to tell us if you want holes in the flanges. If desired we can close one of the ends or both, see Flanged-Enclosed.



L-Shaped Covers

L-Shaped covers just have one bend and Velcro strips on the ends. Great for machines with angled control panels. Be sure to tell us if you want the Velcro on the "C" edges or along A & B.

L Shaped Datacovers

Enclosed Datacovers


If you are worried about people sticking their fingers up inside the cover and pushing the button anyway, then you can close all the sides. We wrap Velcro along two edges for easy attachment. Make sure there is room on your equipment for the 3/8" mating Velcro strips. Enclosed covers are a little more expensive because they are solvent bonded and have no bends.



Flat-Hinged Covers

Flat-Hinged acrylic covers are popular. After they are installed you just lift the cover, push whatever buttons you need to access and it flips back down on its own. You don't have to remember to put the cover back or worry about it getting lost. There is a 3/4" strip of acrylic that has double sided white foam tape on it. This part of the cover permanently attaches to your equipment and is not part of the "C" dimension. The moving part of the cover has a small piece of Velcro at the bottom to keep the cover closed. Be sure you have an extra inch above your covered area for the hinge strip. This style of cover is not easily transported from one machine to another, the foam tape will not come off.

Flanged Hinged Datacovers

Enclosed Hinged Datacovers


If you like the Flat-Hinged acrylic cover, but there is a switch or button that sticks up preventing you from using a Flat Cover, then the Enclosed-Hinged is the answer. The only drawback is that the "B" dimension must be 1" minimum and the cover will only swing up 90 degrees, then it runs into itself. If this is not a problem, you are set. If not specified, we enclose all sides. You have the option of leaving the right, left, or bottom off. The hinge attaches with white foam tape, just like the Flat-Hinged covers. The bottom of the cover will have a small piece of Velcro to act as a latch to keep the cover closed.



Enclosed-Hinged-Open Bottom

Just like the one above, Enclosed-Hinged, but we leave the bottom open so you can reach the covered switch without lifting the cover. This will also accommodate wiring conduits that may interfere with the Enclosed version.

Enclosed Hinged Open Datacovers

Raised Hinged Datacovers

Raised-Hinged Covers

Raised-Hinged covers are similar to the Enclosed-Hinged acrylic covers, except that the ends are open. They are for applications where a Flat-Hinged cover is needed, but there is a switch or button sticking up from the equipment. They have a 90 degree swing limit and are attached with a piece of white double sided foam tape. The "B" dimension must be 1" minimum due to the hinge.



Hard Keyboard Covers

Hard Keyboard Covers are made from clear 1/8 thick acrylic plastic. They cover keyboards that are used for command or control consoles which are critical to systems operations. They can easily be removed and replaced when necessary, while covered they protect against accidental key strokes. Specify the back height (BB), front height (BF), width (A) and length (C).

Hard Keyboard Covers Datacovers

If none of the above designs will meet your requirements, give us a call at 800-445-8296. We will work with you to design the cover that you need. There is no charge for Design Assistance. Custom covers do not cost more than the standard ones, we do not charge for tooling, molds or our design time. However, if you order just one you will be subject to our $10 minimum charge. Most Datacovers range in cost from $20 to $50, depending on how much material and labor is required to make them.

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