Custom Protective Acrylic Control Panel and Switch Covers - Datacover
Prevent Accidental Shutdown

Custom Protective Acrylic Control Panel and Switch Covers - Datacover
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Protective Covers for IBM Mainframe -

RAMAC DASD Array Covers

Provide covers for your Ramac Family. Pictured on the right is the DC9343 Control Panel Cover and the DC9345 DASD Cover. The covers are attached securely with Velcro® on two sides.
click to buyDC9341 Control Panel (3 x .5 x 1.25) $10.00
click to buyDC9343 Control Panel (8.25 x .5 x 19.75) 35.00
click to buyDC9345 IBM 9345 DASD (5.5 x .5 x 2) 15.00
click to buyDC9391 Ramac 9391 (7.5 x .5 x 7.5) 20.00
click to buyDC9392 Ramac 9392 DASD (6 x .5 x 2) 15.00
click to buyDC9394 Control Panel (8.25 x .5 x 22) 35.00
click to buyDC9395 Disk Drive (5.5 x .2 x 2) 15.00
click to buyDC9395PS Power Switch (7.5 x 6) 15.00



Datacovers for 3990 Systems

Here is your security solution for accidental shutdown of your CPU and DASD. Pictured below is the DC3990/H. We have a Datacover for every model, just match the size that you need with sizes listed below.
DC3390H Cover


click to buyDC3390 Disk Drive (15.75 x 11) $21.00
click to buyDC3390H Hinged Disk Drive 25.00
click to buyDC39901 Model 1 (20 x 18) 23.00
click to buyDC39902 Model 2 (10.75 x 13.75) 20.00
click to buyDC39902H Hinged Model 2 25.00
click to buyDC39903 Model 3 (15.75 x 18) 22.00
click to buyDC39903H Hinged Model 3 27.00

DC9121 Hinged processor
DC9121 Hinged Processor

ES 9000 Series Covers

We have a small collection of ES9000 Datacovers as shown below. If you don't see the one you need, please call.
click to buyDC9000H Hinged Mod 900 (9 x 6.5) $18.00
click to buyDC9021 Power Switch (6.5 x 8.5) 20.00
click to buyDC9022 Processor (19.25 x 10) 25.00
click to buyDC9027 Processor (6.5 x 9) 18.00
click to buyDC9032 Processor (19.75 x 9.25) 25.00
click to buyDC9120 Mod 150 (4.5 x 1.25 x 5.75) 20.00
click to buyDC9121 Mod 320 (16.5 x 5 x 9.12) 26.00
click to buyDC9150 Mod 150 (4.5 x 1.25 x 5.75) 20.00
click to buyDC9221 Mod 150 (4.5 x 1.25 x 5.75) 20.00
click to buyDC9260 Power Switch (15 x 8) 20.00
click to buyDC9309 Power Rack (4.5 x 5 x 8) 18.00
DC9221 Procw/ DC9309 Power Rackcvr
DC9221 Processor with the
DC9309 Power Rack Cover
DC9021 Hinged Processor
DC9021 Hinged Processor

DC9309 Rack Power Switch

This Datacover protects the rack power switch on the IBM Mainframes. Velcro® attachment allows easy removal and replacement.

Other Mainframe Datacovers

click  to buyDC3089 Power Switch $18.00
click  to buyDC3090 CPU Power Switch 18.00
click  to buyDC3092 CPU Processor 26.00
click  to buyDC3097 CPU Power Switch 18.00
click  to buyDC3172 Display (5.2 x 1.5) 15.00
click  to buyDC3172P Power Switch (4.5 x 2) 15.00
click  to buyDC3174 Comm Control (18 x 7.38) 20.00
click  to buyDC317423R Comm Control (3.38 x 4.38) 15.00
click  to buyDC3174DD Disk Drive (7 x 1 x 7) 18.00
click  to buyDC3174PS Power Switch 4 x 6) 14.00
click  to buyDC3205 4381 IML Switch 19.00
click  to buyDC3205P Printer Control
click  to buyDC3274 Controller
click  to buyDC3370 Disk Drive
click  to buyDC3380A Power Swt (9.75 x 7.75)
click  to buyDC3380D Disk Drive (10.75 x 13.75)
click  to buyDC3422A Tape Drive
click  to buyDC3430 Tape Drive
click  to buyDC3705 Comm Controller
click  to buyDC3725 Comm Controller
click  to buyDC3745 Comm Controller
click  to buyDC3880 Disk Controller
click  to buyDC4245 Printer
click  to buyDC4245PS Printer Power Switch
click  to buyDC4300 Control Console
click  to buyDC4381 CPU Controls
click  to buyDC4956 Series I
click  to buyDC9309 Rack Power Switch
Available in hinged configuration.
3172 Controller

3172 Controller

One of our newest cover designs protects the power switch on the 3172 Controller unit. Velcro® on the left and right secures this Datacover to the unit.

DC3274 Controller Cover

The control panel on the IBM 3274 Communications Controller will receive protection with this Datacover. The product has a right angle design to conform with the panel and attaches securely with Velcro®. A stacked version of this cover is also available.

3880 Disk Drive Controller Cover

Secure the sensitive switches on the IBM 3880 Disk Drive Controller. The cover has a turned up edge to provide easy removal. Attachment to the unit is provided with Velcro® strips on the top and the bottom. this Datacover is also available in the hinged version.

click to buyDC3880 Controller Cover $20.00
click to buyDC3880H Hinged Controller Cover $20.00

Cable Covers

The workstation cables that exit from the back of your IBM System are covered with this product. The cable cover will improve the appearance of your installation and help prevent accidental disconnection or other damage. Custom sizes are available for all IBM computers, use the Design Your Own Page for measuring instructions.

click to buyDC3638 Cable Cover $31.00

Cable Cover

3380 Disk Drive Covers

There are two Datacovers for the IBM 3380 series Disk Drives A, D, E, K, and J Models. The DC3380D secures the front panel controls. The DC3380A protects the emergency power controls. These Datacovers are also available in the hinged configuration.

click to buyDC3380A EPO Switch Cover (7 x 9.75) $18.00
click to buyDC3380D Disk Drive Controller (10.75 x 13.5) $20.00

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