Custom Protective Acrylic Control Panel and Switch Covers - Datacover
Prevent Accidental Shutdown

Custom Protective Acrylic Control Panel and Switch Covers - Datacover
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Protective Covers, Custom Made for Control Panels, ATM Machines, Switches, and Computer Equipment plus Acrylic Products for the Home -

Protective Covers Built To Your Specifications

Protect your equipment from tampering or accidental shutdown.

Whether you need to protect a control panel from accidental contact, or cover a switch to prevent activation, we have a product to meet your needs. Best of all if we don't have it you can design your own acrylic cover to meet your specific needs. Attach with screws, foam mounting tape, or Velcro. We will make a prototype for you to see how it fits and functions. Order just one, or hundreds. There is no tooling or setup charges. Detailed design drawing supplied on request. Design assistance is free. We have several standard designs to get you started, and volume discounts available.

Custom protective covers protect controls and switches
Custom Covers

Visit our Datacover Design section where you can see what they look like and get a quotation for a cover made to your dimensions. Learn more >>>

Diebold ATM Jackpotting
Protective Covers

Is your bank or place of business susceptible to the ATM "JackPotting" scam? Datacover has the easy solution for this common issue with our easy to install Jackpotting covers. Our industrial strength protective covers come in clear or black material. Our clear material boasts a unbreakable Lexan material, where the black will come in a extremely rigid ABS material. Both are made to order in our facility here in Michigan. To protect your ATM machines today follow the links below...

Click HERE For Black Material.

Click HERE For Clear Material.

Questions? Contact us at
or call 1-844-875-4076 for further information.

Emergency Stop Push Button Protective Covers

Is your facility constantly scrambling due to a false alarm from your e-stop buttons? Datacover has the solution for this common issue with our enclosed hinged protective covers. Our industrial strength protective push button covers are made to your exact dimensions with a wide selection of mounting options.

Click HERE to see all other designs along with our enclosed hinged covers.

Contact us at or call 1-844-875-4076 for further information.

Wall Switch Protective Covers

Many commercial and residential buildings and homes have Security Lights, Power Outlets and Applicances that are controlled by wall switches. Wall Switch Datacovers are designed to allow easy access to the switch while reducing accidental switch actuation.

Contact us at or call 1-844-875-4076 for further information.

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Neodymium Magnetic Attachment

Looking for a strong reliable magnetic solution to attach your Datacovers? Look no further, our new NEO-MAGNETS offer superior strength. Each magnet has a 24 to 27lb pull rating, and is attached to your cover using washer backed aluminum rivets for maximum strength. This combination makes weak double sided tape magnets a thing of the past.

Contact us at or call 1-844-875-4076 for further information.

Battery Covers

Cover the batteries in your battery room with a vented Datacover, and prevent accidents that create sparks or shorts making your battery room safer. We will make the covers fit your application. Don't wait for an accident.

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Wall mounted, suction cup, floor lift tools

Wall Mounted Lift Tool

Mount your Lift Tool on the wall using the Datacover Wall Mounting Plate. The plate is striped in red and white for high visibility. The Lift Tool attaches using easy release spring clips.

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All Seasons Coaster

This coaster has it all. It absorbs all of the condensation, cocktail napkins can be changed for the season or occasion, and it protects table tops from getting damaged. It was designed for our personal use, became popular and is now used by many. They are sold in sets of 4 and come with either a vertical or flat holder. Standard cocktail napkins (5"x5") fit perfectly. ($20 for set of 4 with holder). Napkins not included.

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      Glass Sits on Napkin Placed in Coaster

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